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Emerging Global Technologies is now the exclusive Philips Speech distributor for six countries in the Middle East

EGT will distribute the market leading Philips SpeechMike dictation microphone for the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman

Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) announces that Emerging Global Technologies (EGT) now becomes the exclusive distributor of Philips SpeechMike dictation microphones after having established itself as the key speech-to-text solutions partner for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for several years. EGT is an international IT solution provider headquartered in Abu Dhabi (UAE) that specializes in delivering Nuance AI-based speech recognition technology in the MENA region. AI-assisted speech technology provides solutions with an unique value proposition for healthcare practitioners by automatically transforming speech dictations to text. Today, 10,000+ clinicians and more than 200+ health organizations across the MENA region use technology solutions provided by EGT.

Apart from speech recognition, EGT offers single-sign-on solutions for effective, efficient and secure digital identity and access management for the systems, applications and data that healthcare providers would require to deliver high-quality care. EGT’s solution stack includes a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system - that assist physicians with clinical decision-making tasks to improve patient care – and a Patient Education platform that delivers content in the form of text, illustrations, and videos to help? patients? better understand their health conditions and improve their health behaviours to achieve the best possible state of health.

Philips SpeechMike delivers high-quality speech recognition results

Philips SpeechMike is the market-leading dictation microphone, which is designed and manufactured by Speech Processing Solutions in Vienna, Austria. Philips SpeechMikes are fully compatible with all Nuance speech recognition solutions and seamlessly integrated in all major hospital information systems and applications. The devices are developed to deliver superior audio quality to get the most accurate speech recognition results. It comes with a decoupled studio-quality microphone, a built-in noise reduction filter and a motion sensor. Its sophisticated, ergonomic design and hygienic housing is made for the high demands of professional users.

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