Digital document creation in local administration institutions 

The facts

The customer
Konstancin Jeziorna district city and district administration office, Poland
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Smart Systems
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The solution
PocketMemo Meeting Recorder
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PocketMemo Voice Recorder
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SpeechExec Transcription Set
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Easy archiving, data security and quick document creation speed up documentation processes in city council office department

The city council of the Polish district Konstancin Jeziorna is responsible for a proper management of city council sessions and working committees. Within this institution, the city council office department is entrusted with meeting all technical and organizational requirements of the council. 

Amongst other tasks the department’s employees’ duty is to create a transcript from every recorded council session. Before migrating to a digital dictation solution by Philips, it took up to two weeks to finalize the transcript of an average council session recording. With the switch to a modern Philips document workflow solution the city and district administration office was able to speed up their document creation processes significantly. 

Efficiency and convenience

“Recently the number of inhabitants within our district increased rapidly. Hence, the number of matters that needed to be discussed by the council and working committees increased as well. We were looking for a professional solution that would both increase our efficiency as a department and make our everyday work more comfortable. What we were looking for was a system that would fit our work model and fulfil our needs. Smart Systems, local distribution partner of Philips dictation solutions, enabled to conduct a pilot run which allowed us find out if the system was the right solution for us. Choosing a solution by Philips was a good decision as we can trust in the reliability of the brand”, explains Bozena Mironczuk, head of the Polish city council office department.

Pocket Memo voice recorders and dictation software SpeechExec Pro Dictate

The governmental institution aimed for PocketMemo voice recorders as input devices and for the SpeechExec Pro Dictate software as dictation management solution. First and foremost the Pocket Memo voice recorders are used for recording council sessions but serve also for additional registering devices. They are connected to a professional discussion system and replaced the former backup system. Consequently, the archiving of recordings is managed in a highly professional way.

“Thanks to the excellent sound quality of our Philips PocketMemo devices every word spoken during the council sessions is intelligible. Our colleagues who do the transcription emphasize that just a single playback is enough to understand what has been said”, Bozena Mironczuk points out. The new document creation process allows the department staff to work more efficiently as transcripts of council session are created in a much shorter period of time in comparison to earlier. 

“Of course, the outstanding sound quality of recordings created with the Philips dictation solutions was a very strong argument. But also the ability to automatically catalogue audio files in the SpeechExec Pro Dictate software based on predetermined keywords is a major advantage for us. It increased the work comfort, not least because of the user-friendliness as well as the intuitive interfaces provided by the Philips dictation system. Searching for a specific file within the system is now an effortless task”, the head of city council office department explains. 

Multiple features

Product features like the 360-degree sound pick-up and the automatic file download function made it easy for the city council office department employees to decide for the Pocket Memo meeting recorder. Four omnidirectional conference microphones ensure to achieve professional recordings of working committee and project team sessions.

Bozena Mironczuk summarizes: “From my point of view, the mobility aspect is the biggest advantage of the Philips Pocket Memo meeting recorder. But I also appreciate the fact that we do not have to adapt our meeting rooms in order to start recording. This enables us to conduct meetings in any meeting room without having to prepare them beforehand.”

Through the elegant carrying case it is easy to transport and store the meeting recorder. Files recorded with the device are fully compatible with the digital documentation workflow that is already in place in the city council of Konstancin Jeziorna. 

Maximum usability

All Philips systems can be configured to fulfil the needs of a particular user. Every user can choose the solution tailored to his or her particular work method. High flexibility and outstanding quality of the Philips systems make the everyday work of the governmental institution of Konstancin Jeziorna more efficient - both in particular departments of the council and in the whole institution.

The solution

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